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Shecluded has set up a new initiative to get 1 million women access to low interest laptop loans of their own. You can get access to a N165,000 with a significantly low monthly interest rate!

Why should you get a laptop loan? Why do you even need a laptop?

  • Covid has changed the way we work, so much so that some companies like Twitter are letting employees work at home full time. Jobs are becoming increasingly digital and employers no longer require employees to be at the office because work can still be done efficiently at home. It is now a basic requirement for most jobs to be proficient in Zoom, Microsoft Office (this includes Teams), Google Suite (includes Hangout and Meet). To develop these skills, you need a laptop of your own.
  • Oh, I don’t need a laptop, I’m provided with a company laptop.” If you lose your job, you lose the laptop. You’ll need a personal laptop to look for a new job, fill out applications, complete assessments and for (remote) interviews.
  • You need a personal laptop for career and personal development. There are several enriching online courses across all subjects/fields that you can attend to become a better professional (e.g. Coursera), you can’t access these without a computer.
  • The industry you work in may depend on it. If you work in tech, you need a laptop with high speeds and one that is compatible with any software relevant to your work. If you work in illustration, animation, graphic design, photography, video editing, etc. you need a top-quality laptop to help make your art stand out.
  • “I have a desktop computer.” This is not a valid reason not to get a personal laptop. Laptops are essential, especially for most career women who have to travel for work to attend conferences or represent the company abroad. You can’t travel with a desktop, a laptop is portable (it can fit in a laptop bag, backpack or carry-on).

These are only a few reasons why you should get this Shecluded loan & buy yourself a new laptop. Get yourself on the right track today! To apply for a loan visit our website and join our network at:

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