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In the beginning, I stumbled into blogging through another blog. I was going through another blog and came across an icon that read “start your blog.” I clicked on it, and that was how I started blogging. It was unplanned.

In 10 years of blogging, I’ve been able to boost my creativity, collaborate with more women, build a community on my blog, and also make money through advertisements on my blog page.

Blogging has changed the game during the last 10 years, and over the years, leading up until today, blogging has become one of the most popular ways to make money online. With 4.4 million blogs published daily, this has become an avenue for creatives with the “entrepreneurial DNA” to generate revenue.

As an aspiring blogger, or one that is still new to the world of blogging, one of the smartest moves to make is to walk the journey through the footprints of others. This will save you the stress of learning from your own mistakes and accelerate your career much faster.

Amazingly, Patricia, a member of our amazing community, is a seasoned veteran when it comes to blogging, having spent a decade so far. She’s the proud owner of Òmòté Rò Dhé, her blog, which serves as a platform to share the stories of great women to inspire and spur other women/girls to greatness.

She’s highlighted 10 important lessons she’s learned so far in this journey in order to guide you through this profitable adventure. So come on, let’s dive right in.

10 lessons I learned from blogging for over a decade – Patricia Uyeh

In the beginning, I stumbled into blogging from another blog. I was going through another blog and came across an icon that read ‘start your blog. I clicked on it, and that was how I started blogging. It was unplanned.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve learned 10 important lessons, which I’ve highlighted with the 10 C’s, and they include;

  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Being cost-effective
  • Building a community
  • Consistency
  • Conspicuousness
  • Chance
  • Capacity
  • Change
  • Continuity
  1. Creativity

Opening a blog allowed my creative juices to flow. I was everything on the blog; its designer, website manager, content creator, editor – you name it. I experimented with different blog designs and settled on one based on the feedback I got. The colour theme of my blog represents what I want to say. Orange is boisterous and optimistic. This is why I chose it as my blog theme.

  1. Collaboration

Through blogging, I collaborated with different people, mainly females. It was a situation of scratch my back, while I scratched yours. Initially, the blog was about everything and anything about me, but that was selfish.

Now, it has a better focus, which is all about women empowerment. Women from far and wide have collaborated with me as I share their stories using my blog platform. That is what collaboration is all about. It is a win-win situation.

  1. Being cost-effective

Blogging is a cost-effective venture. It is one of the ways to make money online. As a blogger, I have gotten people to advertise or partner with my blog. This came with a price tag. There were times I would get emails of partnerships of such nature and the result got me smiling to the bank.

  1. Building a community

My blog has a fan base. This is its community. People from all walks of life receive and get to see the blog whenever there is a new post. They follow the blog’s activities. From being my number one fan, there are others who follow the blog.

This is not only encouraging but also supportive. The community is not only for females but for males too. They engage with every blog post and stay ‘woke’.

  1. Consistency

There were times I wanted to give up blogging, but I learned the virtue of consistency. It would be a waste of time to throw away what one has built. Despite the ups and downs that come with blogging, being a consistent blogger has kept me on my toes. The reason I am still here is because of my “why’ for blogging, and that is my driving force.

  1. Conspicuousness

Blogging has been added to my portfolio. It made me more visible. This is not about clout-chasing or popularity, but it is about brand visibility. People can easily relate to me as the blogger behind Omote Ro Dhe. A quick search on Google using my name would describe me as a blogger, and this is good for branding.

  1. Chance

I have been privileged to speak on blogging as a thought leader and expert because that is what I do. The ripple effect of these speaking opportunities has contributed to building a strong brand for me – one that is relatable and known. It was no struggle to speak about blogging because of the lessons I have learned.

  1. Capacity

In a bid to be better, I have taken up more training, subscribed to more blogging teaching sites, and attended more workshops. The world is changing, new innovations and technologies spring up every day, so I cannot continue to rely on old methods and thinking patterns.

It is wise to increase my capacity, which contributes to my personal development. As we know, learning is continuous. To learn more, one has to make space. This is where increased capacity comes in.

  1. Change

Initially, I was using my blog to share my thoughts, but change is inevitable. Now, blogging has opened the door to other related ventures – Vlogging, podcasting, voiceovers and others to pursue. There is no need to be stuck in something when you can have more.

  1. Continuity

Ten years no be beans. I don’t intend to slack or stop. As mentioned earlier, my ‘Why’ is bigger than what I stand to gain. So, no matter the obstacles and challenges on the road, blogging continues to pave the way to greater possibilities and opportunities.


Blogging can become an avenue for you to start cashing-out if you’re someone who loves communicating and writing. With so many active bloggers today, you really don’t need extra motivation to let you know that the industry is booming and is full of opportunities.

Patricia Uyeh is a woman who has walked the talk and is currently inspiring women through her blogging, and through her experiences so far in a decade of blogging, you will definitely find it easier to dominate any niche of your choice.

She’s documents amazing post about her experiences and that of other amazing women on her blog from time to time, and you can view them all by clicking here

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