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1. The Visionary

The visionary is usually the team leader. This person has the ability to see the project as a whole from start to finish. The visionary is responsible for creating a productive work environment so that everyone can work well and excel in their team role. The Visionary is usually a highly respected leader with a lot of experience. They can use their experience to mentor and motivate their team members by understanding their strengths & weaknesses and providing positive feedback.

2. The Chameleon

The Chameleon can adapt to any situation or challenge. They’re a great team asset. Alongside being flexible, chameleons tend to be empathetic.

3. The Worker Bee

The Worker Bee gets things done. Very reliable team member. Leaders/Visionaries can help this person by giving them clear instructions. Encourage the worker bee with constructive feedback but don’t overwhelm them with negative criticisms. The visionary/team lead should work with the Analyst to create better systems for the Worker Bee.

4. The Innovator

The Innovator is always looking for new ways to accomplish tasks/goals. This person challenges others’ ideas and points out what is ‘stale’. The Innovator is on top of trends & wants to stand out from competitors. Not everything they introduce will be accepted or practical. The Visionary may have big ideas , but it’s the Innovator who challenges any stale or old-fashioned notions within those big ideas. The Innovator is not always good with implementation so other team members like the worker bee, detail-oriented and analyst can help.

5. The Detail-Oriented Person

The Detail-Oriented Person ‘dots their i’s and crosses their t’s’. This person is relentlessly focused on ‘perfecting’ the nitty-gritty details of a project. Without this team member, the project will never see completion.

6. The Communicator

The Communicator is excellent at communicating effectively with their fellow team members, clients and stakeholders. This person is naturally approachable, friendly & warm. The Communicator desires to get everyone on the same page, and achieves this with open dialogue. This person very active on team chatting tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, etc. This person helps to facilitate the transfer of ideas and messages.

7. The Analyst

The Analyst can spot problems before anyone else can. Don’t mistake this for pessimism, analysts are problem solvers. They spot problems and solve them. The Analyst is one of the most valuable team members. They create systems that neutralize problems before you even notice them.

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