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Your 20s are such an interesting time. It’s possible you’re done with school and are at the stage where it’s time to face the “real world”. This can be scary, and the future can look incredibly uncertain.

Some popular questions running through your mind might include, “where do I go from here?” “How do I find a job?” “How can I grow my finances?” It can be likened to hurtling at high speed, excited, and terrified at the same time.

As a woman, this is a time to gain mileage for the possible busy time in your 30s when you have probably taken up more roles so please don’t waste it.

What then can you do? Here are 5 tips to get you started on building.

Define what you want

It is okay not to know the ‘how’ immediately, but you must define the ‘what’.

like what type of woman do you want to be? your mother? Theresa?, Beyonce? take time to create this vision in different aspects of your life. Look, lady, dream big! it is ok, its just a dream don’t start listening to those limiting mindset telling you to create a realistic dream.

Every dream is … a dream. OK, now you have probably seen you, your relationships, your finances, your philanthropy work, and all those amazing things you want.

Start from somewhere

Now that you have these big dreams, what next?

Set a plan in motion, look a dream without work is a NIGHTMARE, and it is too early in your life for that. Utilize internships, go for seminars, volunteer.. don’t forget to pay attention to your schoolwork — good grades give you a good leg in the door after graduation so put in your best. Research on top-paying careers and companies, please don’t just go looking for a job, look for THE job. Get on linkedin, write things you love, watch trends, and look for women you want to be like and learn from them.

Acquire relevant skills

Take note of the word ‘relevant’ here. There are a horde of skills out there, and it is important that you stay zoned in on the ones that will take you to new levels in the areas that are important to you.

Acquire skills that will be the bedrock of your dream career, and your opportunities will be limitless. There are multiple online courses available; there is also YouTube as a resource. Develop intellectual curiosity on everything relevant to your dream.

When you do acquire those skills, remember that learning is only one part of the equation. The second part that renders the circle closed is the application of knowledge gained, so apply yourself and your knowledge to existing projects and/or new ones.

Learn how money works

There are so many people who lose money just as often as they make it.

In your 20s, you likely have less financial responsibilities and dependents, so this is the time to set financial goals, save, and invest smartly. Don’t be afraid of taking more better paying opportunities.

Savings and investments should be a bill that you pay monthly, just like you pay any other bill. Learn from experts, read books, invest in your financial present and future.

I promise you, the dividends far outweigh the cost.

Get comfortable with failure

It’s not if you’ll fail, it’s when.

The earlier you get comfortable with this, the faster you can give yourself the freedom to do the work you need to.

On the journey to becoming, there will be detours and some of them will be harder than others.

What do you do? You take the lessons in them and equip yourself for the rest of the journey.

Your 20s is the bedrock of your Adult life. They can be the years upon which you build a solid foundation for your 30s and beyond. what can we say, make hay with the 20’s are here..

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