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We are delighted to share with you the inspiring journey of Adedoyin Oyinkansola, a proud graduate of the Shecluded X CFYE (Challenge Fund for Youth Empowerment) Dream to Business Cohort 1. Adedoyin recently achieved a significant milestone by inaugurating the corporate head office in Ikoyi, Lagos for her business, Majinfotek – a reputable home security company.

Thus far, Majinfotek has surpassed expectations, successfully selling over 50,000 home and business security gadgets not only within Nigeria but also in Ghana and across the entire African continent. Despite already having an established office in Ghana and multiple outlets across different parts of Lagos, the opening of this head office marks a remarkable achievement for Adedoyin. Let’s delve into Adedoyin’s mind on her journey.

What is your goal with Majifotek?

“I want Majinfotek to be the security provider of choice in every market that we serve. To that end, our mission statement is simply this: To deliver a higher standard of security solutions, providing peace of mind for our clients as well as a professional environment for our employees and vendors.”

Advice for other business owners?

“I really think other businesswomen should check out Shecluded because it’s been super helpful for me. They’ve got loads of useful trainings and tools that teach you and set you up for success in your business. Plus, I’ve made some awesome connections with the ladies I met in the CFYE program. It’s not just a learning thing; it’s like building a cool community of women supporting each other. So, if you’re looking for a boost in your business journey, Shecluded is definitely worth checking out!”

What is one thing that helped you get to this point with Majinfotek?

“It has to be consistency. Over the years, I have been very consistent and kept showing up, no matter how hard it got. I have also

What are your core values?

“Dedication, integrity, innovation, and excellence.”

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