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There are lots of things needed when starting a business. One of the most important things needed is money. Money is required when starting a new business. You might be worried that your capital is not enough to start a business. Many companies have low capital requirements, but it is essential to do some research before you start. Here are some businesses to start with a budget between N50,000 and N200,000.

Business ideas to start with N50k.

If you have N50k and wonder if it is enough to start a business with, the answer is yes! There are businesses you can start with; examples are

  1. Perfume oil: Buying and selling perfume oils is considered to be very profitable. It requires little capital, too; you can get a dozen perfume oils for as low as N3-4k, order in bulk, and sell at wholesale or retail price to people. It is very affordable and budget-friendly.
  2. Accessories: Selling accessories like earrings, watches, bracelets, chains, hijab pins, and hairclips is also a good business idea when you have little capital.
  3. POS Machine: It requires helping people do transactions and giving them cash. It is an excellent alternative that doesn’t require buying and selling. It is lucrative and requires minimum capital, too; you only need to pay to collect the machine.

Business Ideas to start with N100k

With N100k, your options are more expansive, and you can do much more. Here are some businesses to start with:

  1. Making homemade products: bead making, making antique pieces of jewelry, candle making, crocheting, making soaps, and cleaning agents are some of the few ideas you can make and sell for N100k capital.
  2. Small-scale catering services: This is perfect for a low-budget business. You can focus on a particular area you are good at, like baked goods or cooking dishes.

Business ideas you can start with up to N200k.

With 200k, you have a much broader range of businesses. You can start all the companies we’ve mentioned on a larger scale. The possibilities are endless, but for the sake of these articles, we would say three.

  1. Mini importation: importing products that are in high demand here in Nigeria, like bags, clothes, shoes, and other high-fashion items, and reselling them either at wholesale or retail prices. It also helps that these products are unique and appeal to people’s aesthetic senses. 
  2. Cold beverages: Buy a mini freezer and a blender with 200k, and supply and sell different beverages like Zobo drinks, smoothies, yogurt parfaits, tiger nut drinks, iced coffee, fresh fruit juice, lemonade, and other options.
  3. Perfumes: Perfumes are a great business idea to start. You can buy in bulk and sell at retail prices. You can also advise people on how to pair scents together to give yourself an edge. 

Numerous businesses can be launched with budgets ranging from N50,000 to N200,000 or more. These examples provide just a glimpse. For more options, email [email protected]. To apply for a growth loan of up to 200K, click here. We’re here to support your business goals.

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