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Even as bad as the economy seems to be in the country, there’s always something to celebrate, and as a smart business minded person, capitalizing on this opportunity might be the smartest thing to do.

Event planning is one of the businesses that readily ticks the box for steady cash inflow. From weddings to parties, naming ceremonies, freedom parties, product launches and lot’s more, there will always be a need for an event planner – and this could be you.

One of the amazing things about this line of business is that it requires very little capital to start-up, and with the right network, you can start to earn quite a lot from just making sure people events are well planned.

In this post, you’ll discover how to start an event planning business in Nigeria

Who are event planners?

An event planner is a specialist in charge of organizing the logistics of an event, such as selecting venues, hiring caterers, making arrangements for entertainment as well as working with other vendors to ensure a successful event.

However, planning an event entails more than just arranging and scheduling events. It covers music, colors, conversations, and decorating. Event planners ensure that everything comes together and works perfectly

Is event planning lucrative in Nigeria?

Event planning in Lagos and every other part of Nigeria has become so lucrative today that event planners are paid huge amounts of money just to bring an event to life. Today, many top event planners charge millions of Naira to plan both formal and informal events.

How can I start an event planning business in Nigeria

To become an event planner and launch a successful event planning business in Nigeria, you must;

  1. Get event planning skills
  2. Choose your niche
  3. Get a business plan
  4. Speak to people/ Build the right network
  5. Develop a relationship with vendors

1) Get event planning skills

In order to become a successful event planner, there are certain skills that cannot be compromised upon. Core skills like organizational skills, communication, being network savvy, and having a basic understanding of events are crucial.

Also, an event planner must have a client-first approach, be problem-solving, while having outstanding negotiation, budgeting, and multitasking skills.

You can take event planning courses to help you start your journey into this career path.

2) Choose your niche

Being a jack-of-all-trades in event planning is not the right strategy to go with. There are no two events that could possibly get planned the same way; therefore, you have to decide on what type of events you want to focus on and become a master at that.

Ensure your niche is profitable and stick to it. You’ll be reaping the rewards for years to come

3) Get a business plan

As for all businesses, including event planning, having a strategy is the most important step before beginning operations.

A business plan will aid in the establishment of precise objectives and rules for running your event planning business. After sorting out your business plan, you can then go ahead to creating an event planning logo to distinguish your business.

4) Speak to people/ Build the right network

The only way people are going to know that you’re an event planner is if you let them know, right? So speak to people and tell them what you do. While speaking to people, be strategic and ensure you’re speaking to the right people.

Most jobs in the event planning industry are gotten by referrals, so you have to ensure that you belong to the right networks that can always recommend you once an event planner is needed.

5) Develop business relationships with vendors.

You really want to ensure your relationship with vendors is solid because your efforts will be in vain without photographers, caterers, rental companies, hotels, florists, and so much more.

The key to being successful in the event planning industry is building partnerships and relationships with these guys. Learning about their businesses and asking for special discounts if possible will help you make more profit.

They could also refer clients to your business, so ensure that you have a professional relationship because it is going to be beneficial in the long run for you.

For more tips on how to start an event planning business in Nigeria with no experience, watch the video below;


Starting an event planning business in Nigeria with no experience might have seemed impossible to you before now, but I’m sure you’ve discovered 5 easy steps to launch a career in this industry if you’re looking to do so.

If you however need financial assistance to launch or scale this business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Shecluded. We’re all about financing growth and opportunities in the lives of women.

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