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Sometimes we have it all planned out and daydream of what we hope our achievements would look like, especially as business owners and career women. But we never really take steps to achieve them, that’s why we have highlighted some points on transitioning from a dreamer to a doer.

Write down goals and give them deadlines

Writing your goals down is a way of solidifying them so they can be better examined. Putting a timeline to deliver helps you move from getting stuck at the preparation stage and never getting past it. If you are new on this journey, you can start with small, short term goals and discipline yourself to get to your set goal.

Set and do action points

List steps you need to take to make it happen. These steps are what you have to do daily or weekly to get to your goal. Clear steps and the best route to goal is the dream. If you need help for this, reach out to people who have gone through the path before.

Surround yourself with doers

If you want to move beyond your comfort zone, one of the fastest ways is to network with achievers. It is a proven way to compel you to take your game to the next level faster and grander than initially planned. It makes you uncomfortable with where you are currently at. Strategically place yourself in situations that stretch you.

Get accountable to someone

While “head knowledge” is good, part of the secret to successful transformations such as those seen by popular diet programs is accountability.

Accountability sparks an urge to deliver for any doer and this extra point can get you fired up on your goal. Knowing that you have to report progress made can make you put in the work.

Deal with barriers to motivation (distractions)

Learn to shut off and create an active environment that propels you to move on. Sometimes it requires you to close your social media or just create a workspace at home.

Learn to navigate failure

Learning to navigate failure is a key part of becoming a doer. People who attempt new things fall at different points but process the situation as learning opportunities to forge ahead.

Make mental, emotional, and practical provisions for failure and ride it every time it comes by.

Record and celebrate your progress

The law of recognition says that what you fail to recognize will not be properly acknowledged. What you continually fail to acknowledge will eventually leave your life.

If you value your success, celebrate them.

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