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I started hustling very early in life. I understood that money was madefrom the exchange of goods and services and knew I was going to end uprunning my own business as a child. Interestingly, I got married and hada baby before I left university, so it was inevitable that as soon as Igraduated that I had to run my own business rather than look foremployment. I had a personal benchmark of having savings per month thatequaled the salary of a graduate at that time. That meant that I had tobe efficient with the work and time spent doing it.

Culturally as a mother and a wife, I was responsible for laundry,cooking, and cleaning. I spent most of my weekends running around like aheadless chicken to fit in shopping and all these other activities. Ibegan to resent doing them at a point and started to dread weekends. Tosolve this problem, I commenced research on the sort of home appliancesI needed to relieve the stress of weekends. I remember visiting storesto get to know their prices and that information was all I needed todecide to free myself from the shackles of unending housework.

As a founder of the largest retail baby business in Nigeria, one of thequestions I get frequently asked by women is how I was able to grow andrun my businesses while managing the home and my time effectively. Theanswer is making use of home appliances to do the housework. Homeappliances are machines designed to do most of the work we spendprecious time on. I will share a list of 5 must-have home appliances/productivity tools youneed as a working mom to get through your weekdays and weekends like abreeze!

1)Washing Machine: This takes care of all your family’s laundry. Itwashes in addition to clothes, school bags, canvas shoes, curtains,blankets, towels, and any other item that needs washing that can fit in.It is a lifesaver! It also helps you keep your fingers free from thosepainful sores that come with too much hand washing.

2)Refrigerator and Deep Freezer: Having any of these two makes it easierto store raw food and store prepared meals for some time. A favoritetrick of mine is to prepare a soup base and add vegetables just beforeserving.

3)Food Processor: This saves your life because it helps with almostevery kitchen chores like cutting vegetables, peeling beans, grindingfood and baking.

4)Microwave Oven: Warms up food at the speed of light. Some can bake andgrill food too.

5)Air Fryer: This helps you to fry all your food without oil. These aregreat for reducing the amount of vegetable oil you consume and to ensureyou eat healthily.

Getting any or all of these appliances will improve the quality of yourlife as you will have enough time on your hands to sleep, go to thatowambe, pamper day at the spa, hair salon or even take that onlinecourse that you have been postponing!

The best news I have for you is that I have partnered with Shecluded, afintech company for women to make it super easy for you to acquire anyor all of these appliances. Simply click on the link, select the productyou want and talk to us on ……………..or leave a comment belowthis post and we will get in touch with you.

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