The right baby gear makes life easier!

Financial implications is only one of the most important things mothers have to put into consideration when they are expecting their babies. More often than not, women have to adjust their finances to fit their growing family, whether they are working mums or stay at home mums.

Therefore, product financing for mothers is essential in providing an enabling environment for more women as they navigate motherhood because having the right baby gears can make motherhood a lot easier. Thankfully, innovation has led to inventing baby gears in response to some needs that women experience in motherhood.

During one of our sessions with mothers from different walks of life discussing things that reduce stress for them, we found out that the right appliances made all the difference.

Ezinne, the CEO of BabyBliss shared her experience about when she first got a washing machine for the house, she couldn’t believe the relief she felt from not having to handwash clothes for 3 kids.

Solum, the CEO of Zadob Kiddies shared how a breast pump saved her time because she’s a working mum and it was easy for her to pump out for her baby while she was also attending to her business.

Ifeoma Uddoh, the CEO of Shecluded stated that her best decision as a working mother who wanted to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months was a Medula breast pump and bags — expensive at the time but worth it.

Jane stated that as a stay at home mum without a nanny, her state of the art baby’s rocking chair was one of the most useful help she got. Her baby wanted to be constantly held so placing her in the rocking chair gave her space to do other house chores.

It is therefore clear that these devices are not luxuries but a means to ensure a working mother or a stay at home mom has all she needs to ease the process of caring for herself and her child. Each mother testified of how much more productive they were at home and at work when they were able to make use of these devices, as it created time for them to commit their time to other important activities.

However, for most people, these devices are rather more expensive than they can afford. This is information we are aware of here at Shecluded.

As a finance company for women, one of our missions is to provide financing options for women’s pain points that traditional financial institutions do not provide because as women ourselves, we understand the impact that these tools have on us. Which is why we are introducing a motherhood financing option with major baby gears retailers. So, mothers can now have access to gears and choose a monthly repayment plan for selected products.

To kickstart the motherhood financing project, we are partnering with MumSpringBaby Bliss, and Zadob Kiddies with the hope of more retailers joining as the project expands.

We believe in the saying, you are as good as your tools.

We are excited about this and have put together a list of 6 items we believe that every mum should have.

Breast pump

Given that breastfeeding a baby for the first 6 months of life has scientifically shown to be beneficial to both baby and mum, more women try to do this and without a breast pump, it can be demanding. Some women have issues producing adequate amounts of breast milk or have inverted nipples that make nursing difficult, while others may have babies who have trouble latching, can’t stay awake long enough to get in a full feeding, and so on. Exclusive pumping can help maintain your milk supply while you try to work out issues with a lactation consultant who can offer you tips on positioning, ways to increase your supply, and so much more.

Car seat

A car seat is the best place to keep a newborn in the car and in the case where you have to drive somewhere alone, a car seat holds your baby safe. Car seats are specially designed to give babies and children the protection they need to help reduce the risk of serious injury. They are made to protect a child’s most vulnerable areas at each stage of their development.

Baby monitor

Having a baby monitor is another way of keeping an eye on your baby as they sleep or when you step out of a room where they are. The need for a baby monitor could depend on the size of your home. If you live in a small flat you may find hearing your baby stir in the night isn’t a problem and don’t feel you need one.

Rocking chair

Getting a rocking chair is a very good decision as it would help your baby fall asleep easily and will help you relax further as a parent. Rocking a baby gives them the same feeling they had when they were still in the wombs of their mothers. Not only does it aid sleeping, but it also develops the muscles of the child and allows the bones to stretch along with the muscles.


Carriers are so great for bonding, especially when you get to carry your little one so close to your heart. There are many options for a baby carrier to suit your different needs, you have the structured carriers, wraps, or slings. Having a carrier will give you the opportunity to do other things while you have your baby with you.

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