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Women are good at multitasking, juggling their busy careers/businesses, taking care of the home, and leading in other aspects of life but one thing stays lacking.

At Shecluded, we have met with working women and women running small and medium-sized businesses. One thing we have noticed is that they pay little or no attention to their own personal finances. They find it very difficult to plan financially and this is a very important aspect of life to avoid financial stress and dependence.

In order to avoid getting into any financial pitfalls, we have put together 5 ways women can take charge and be financially secured.


Studies have shown that, on average, women have lower savings rates than men, putting themselves at risk of outliving their money. Some women even confess to not having any savings at all. Women shouldn’t have to wait till it’s too late to save, saving for your future should be of top priority. To start saving, try to keep money in an account you do not have access to, can’t withdraw or transfer money from, and constantly grow the money.


A lot of people stay away from creating or maintaining budgets but it pays greatly to keep track of your monthly expenses. Budgeting can help you save a lot and it can prevent overspending or impulse buying.


Investing has now become one of the newest and most preferred ways of saving. It is also commonly known that men handle investments and other financial matters in the family. Thanks to the digital revolution, the trend is slowly changing and investing has gotten a lot easier. It doesn’t involve a lot of paperwork and there are numerous investment options available all over the world. Your income or revenue shouldn’t be sitting idle in your savings account, your money should work for you. Investments generate great returns after a period of time, an example to start with is mutual funds.

Give a woman a dollar, and she can put it to good use. Teach her about how money really works, and she can change the world” — Linda Davis Taylor

Financial Literacy

Lots of women have limited exposure to financial planning. It shouldn’t be so difficult, it basically involves careful management of your money or funds. A way to solve this problem is to start taking an interest in more money matters to build a strong financial foundation. You can start by reading books, finance articles, following up with business news to stay updated with the latest finance trends.

Financial Independence

Financial independence is a necessity for women. To be financially independent, women need to pay more attention to financial planning. Having a sound financial plan will enable you to boldly pursue professional and personal goals without worrying about the financial implications.

“A woman’s best protection is a little money of her own.” — Clare Booth Luce

This is the time to take matters into your hands and play an active role in planning and taking complete control of your finances.

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