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Shecluded hosted a time management webinar last week. Read this post to find out how it went.

Last week, we hosted an incredible webinar aimed at helping female entrepreneurs in our community supercharge their time management skills, and the insights shared were nothing short of amazing!

What We Gained From the Time Management Webinar

Our guest speaker, Abigail, a renowned time management expert, enlightened us with a fresh perspective on managing our most valuable resource – time. 

As she aptly put it, “When you change the way you look at your time, the time you have will change.”

Abigail’s emphasis on reevaluating our approach to time management is a crucial starting point. It’s about recognizing that our mindset, beliefs, and goals play a pivotal role in how we perceive and utilize our time. By taking a proactive approach to shape our time mindset, we can unlock untapped potential. This means letting go of any self-limiting beliefs that may hinder our productivity and embracing a growth-oriented mindset.

The concept of conducting a time audit is a valuable practice. It involves assessing how we currently spend our time and identifying areas where improvements can be made. By doing this, we can pinpoint time-wasting activities, inefficiencies, and opportunities for optimization. It’s a proactive step towards making the most of each day and ensuring that our time aligns with our entrepreneurial goals.

The 888 Formula

Abigail Barnes’ introduction of the 888 Formula during the time management webinar is a game-changer. This formula encourages us to allocate our day effectively, recognizing that time is not only a resource but also a finite one.

  • The ‘8 hours for work’ component acknowledges the importance of dedicating focused, uninterrupted time to our professional responsibilities, roles, and tasks. It’s about working smarter, not longer, and being highly productive during this dedicated time.
  • ‘8 hours for rest’ underscores the significance of prioritizing self-care and rejuvenation. Adequate sleep, micro-breaks, mindfulness practices, and meditation are essential for recharging our mental and physical faculties. Rest is a crucial component for maintaining productivity and overall well-being.
  • ‘8 hours for activities’ offers a balanced space for personal growth, exploration, and relaxation. It’s the time for activities that promote creativity, personal development, and a well-rounded life. By allocating this time to meaningful pursuits, we achieve a sense of fulfillment and a healthy work-life balance.
time management webinar

Protecting the Asset

The concept of time as an asset is a profound shift in perspective. Abigail encourages us to view time as a valuable resource that should be invested wisely. By doing so, we become more mindful of how we allocate our time and are less likely to squander it on unproductive or trivial activities.

This entails setting clear boundaries and learning to say ‘no’ when necessary. It’s about protecting our time from distractions and time-draining commitments that do not align with our goals.

The quote by Mayowa Ajiniran, “How you spend your time matters,” serves as a poignant reminder that the way we utilize our time has a direct impact on our success and fulfillment.

In conclusion, Abigail Barnes’ webinar provided a comprehensive roadmap for female entrepreneurs to master time management. It’s about developing the right mindset, using practical strategies like the 888 Formula, and recognizing the invaluable nature of time as an asset.

By implementing these insights, female entrepreneurs in our community have learned that they can not only enhance their productivity but also create a more balanced and fulfilling entrepreneurial journey. Abigail’s wisdom continues to inspire and motivate us to take charge of our time and, in doing so, transform our entrepreneurial endeavors.

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