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If you find your career is stagnating in this fast-paced world, now is the right time to roll up your sleeves and put in the work. The cost of a stagnant career has — personal, emotional and financial implications that can be long term. A stagnant career affects your mobility, quality of life and your income potential. That is just more pressure for you.

How do you know you are stagnant?
You have been on the same salary for years without a raise.

You have been trying to move but you don’t meet the eligibility requirements for the jobs you want.

its kind of like you have years of work experience in a field where the employer value little or no experience for that role.

Nevertheless, The good news is that sometimes igniting your career is as simple as figuring out where you want to go and taking specific courses, certifications, and degrees to get there.

In the world economic forum report on Job landscape for 2022, the list of declining jobs and emerging jobs gives career people a perception of the future of work and how not to be caught unaware in a declining career. More Digital, data and strategic roles will display more administrative roles. most of which are occupied by women.

Why this should matter to you?
Back in the ’90s, my aunt used to be a notable secretary, with a degree in secretarial studies she worked comfortably in a Bank. Then secretary was no longer a thing for banks and she left to set up a business center, then more and more people got access to computers and that field gradually stopped being lucrative enough, she joined a government parastatal as a secretary because that was her only qualification at the time and years later discovered she cannot be promoted beyond a certain level because of her qualification.

As credit continues to become available for more people in Nigeria, personal loans for the growth of your career should be a plan. As a career professional, you are your best asset hence, investing in self is a key investment. waiting to afford career development opportunities for months or even a year later versus taking a personal loan to do it right away should be a decision for career people of the future, who understand that building the future starts now.

What are the Benefits of the right professional development career move; Increasing income, up to date skills, competitiveness, mobility are but a few.

Being employed gives you a key criterion for accessing personal loans which is a steady predictable income so get creative on using that. Depending on your income, investment in your career development gives you a higher ROI than saving.

A number of people take personal loans for different reasons, the objective of this article is to get more career people aware that credit is also a tool they can use for career development. The scope of using credit as a career person even goes beyond just using them for courses but as a means to get tools, wardrobe changes, side-hustle that can help better your prospect as a person.

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