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We held 2 vision board sessions earlier this year as an action point from 2019, and like it is when working with women, you come in as the teacher and quickly become the student/learner. Here are points that stuck to us from the sessions:

  1. IVF funding is a need. Women are nurturers and when they get to that point where they want their own kids, it might sound trivial but to us, it is a big thing that affects other areas of their lives and if science can help to a degree, at least they should be able to get financing for it.
  2. More women who got off work to take care of the family (work at home — HEROS) are desiring as best as they know how to get back to income-generating work. Why do I put it this way? As a mum of 3 daughters I know firsthand that any woman at home is a working woman : ) )
  3. From viewing their vision boards, there seems to be a state of mind revelation. Women with somewhat stable monthly income tend to have more achievement-oriented goals. Whereas women looking to stable financial work had things-oriented goals.
  4. In the new economy, a lot of women are working …doing things that sound like hobbies to people of structured work experience but don’t look away, listen carefully, they might be seated on a gold mine. Always be their miner.
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