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Company provides a range of financial services aimed to help females take better control of their finances.

Shecluded, Nigeria’s leading financial services company for women, announces its selection into the Spring 2021 cohort of the Milestone Makers Program at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Centre in San Francisco, California. Founded by Ifeoma Uddoh, Shecluded is one of thirteen start-ups selected for the program [see]. Over a 12-week period, Ifeoma received individualized business mentoring, coaching, training, and resources all at no cost as she works to reach an important goal for the business.

Now in its fifth year, the 2021 Milestone Makers start-ups are business that are supportingthe UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Shecluded is focused on the 10th Goal:Reducing Inequalities. For Ifeoma, this objective resonates with the foundation on which thecompany is built. She started Shecluded with the aim of making financial servicesunderstandable and accessible to women at all stages of life and career. Entrepreneurs gothrough a competitive application process to be selected. Each company must identify agoal to tackle during the program – a growth challenge in the business that will take time,tenacity and problem-solving skills to attain.

Shecluded’s milestone is to creation of a user acquisition roadmap to help the companygrow by at least 30% monthly by setting out strategies to acquire new customers using a mixof marketing and sales channels. Ifeoma is supported throughout the program with trainingand workshops and mentoring by top Silicon Valley coaches and mentors. The experiencehelped her more stringently define the company created from her vision.

“If all I did was build a company with one billion users, I would be sad. I want to build acompany that improves the lives of the people we work with, and brings them opportunitiesthat perhaps seemed unthinkable at one time,” Ifeoma said. “As creator, builder and vision-holder for Shecluded, Milestone Makers helped crystallize my vision for the company anddefine the culture that will set us up for future success,” she added.

Securing a place on the Nasdaq Centre’s flagship program is important to Shecludedbecause it serves as a proof point that the company is making real world changes and notjust sitting on the side-lines. Shecluded hopes to inspire others to tackle inequality in theirbusinesses, workplace, schools and communities. She believes firmly that no matter howsmall the effort, the change it brings about can contribute to making the world a fairerplace.About ShecludedShecluded is a Nigeria-based FinTech company providing women with access to financialgrowth services to help them achieve their goals. Shecluded is committed to helping womengrow their businesses and excel in their careers by granting them access to growth loans,credit education, and wealth advisory. The company is on a mission to put more money into the hands of women.

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