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Research has shown that about 80% of women in Northern Nigeria are self-employed. A large percentage of them run multiple small to medium scale business activities. This includes; the sale of food items, spices, hand-made crafts and farm produce. These businesses have expansion and growth potentials. With the opportunity to access funding for this cause, these businesses will prosper and attain financial stability. This will encourage businesses to be value-oriented.

The traditional patriarchal nature of Northern Nigeria results in the economic marginalization of the women in the area. The implication is that; women here, have no or discriminatory access to financial assets, resources or services which consequently, affects their business and financial wellbeing.

Our expansion into the Northern market, highlighted the disproportion in the number of muslim business women reaching out for loans. This disproportion was with respect to the actual number of these women in the area. Further research showed this to be because of religious stipulations. This is why we have come up with a distinct, viable investment product for muslim women to grow their businesses

As part of the company’s agenda to drive financial inclusion in Africa, Shecluded has launched the “Fareedah Investment Scheme”. A specific initiative designed to promote female entrepreneurship among the muslim demographic. It will enable the creation of wealth and financial prosperity for more muslim women in Nigeria contributing to economic growth.

The Fareedah Investment Scheme (FIS) is a tailored short-term business investment product offered to Nigerian Muslim businesswomen. FIS offers up to five million Naira (NGN5,000,000) in investment funding to women. This is for a period of up to 12 months and enables them build and scale their viable businesses


This unique, Sharia-compliant, non-collateral and interest-free scheme is easily accessible by all eligible. The application process is fast requiring nothing more than a reference or guarantor. The return on investment stands at just 3% on the invested capital paid monthly for the duration of the investment period.

As part of the initiative, the women become members of the Shecluded community. A platform which provides financial mentorship and access to information on grants and other business growth opportunities.

The Shecluded Networking Platform with over 18,000 women across the continent. These women get to share their ideas and advertise their businessThey even get to make business deals and transactions with other women in our community. Here, Shecluded acts as the certified surety.

Shecluded’s Business Support offers to hold business and finance sessions for the business women. It equips them with financial knowledge on how to run and grow their businesses. The one-on-one sessions enable these women to air their financial frustrations and get experts’ advice and help.

Shecluded has collaborated with its northern community partners including Startup Kano, to ensure that more women are aware of this business growth opportunity and that they have access to this product. “Every business needs more money to make more money”. Shecluded calls on muslim businesswomen with active businesses of a year or more encouraging them to take advantage of this opportunity for business growth.

For more information on this product, visit the Shecluded website or contact through mail [email protected].

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