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Why we built Shecluded

The #1 destination for financial growth and inclusion for women!

Shecluded’s founder Ifeoma Uddoh was the COO of an investment company for 4 years prior to starting Shecluded. At that time she noticed something disturbing – women make up 55% of the entrepreneur demographic with the majority of MSMEs in Nigeria, but they were not getting funded. Set with an interest to discover why, Ifeoma identified 2 important reasons;

  • There was an unconscious bias toward women from investors and traditional financial institutions
  • Women were not actively applying for these opportunities (in 4 years, She counted a total of 4 women who stepped up for funding)

Inspired by her concern and a strong desire to see women get funded, the Shecluded mission was born!

With a focus on putting more money in women’s hands, the Shecluded brand has grown to offer not only credit but savings, investment advisory, business development support, and health insurance simplified for women’s consumption.

Shecluded has secured its place in women’s hearts in its community-driven emphasis on nurturing women for business success and enabling them with access to financial growth opportunities.

“As my business grew, I knew I needed to invest in a better laptop. I didn’t have the chunk of money to purchase what I really needed: a MacBook so I reached out to shecluded and they offered me a good loan and a good repayment plan to get what I needed to optimize my process. The loan process and disbursement was fast and seamless.”

– Excellence

At Shecluded, we are enabling women to attain and enjoy financial freedom

Shecluded is a company for women by women. We are simplifying access to financial growth opportunities and business resources. We think forward and give back. We believe women can do anything, and together, we believe we will make the world a better place…one woman’s pocket at a time.

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