Introducing Amanda Etuk…

The Co-founder of Messenger Ng, a full-service supply and logistics company that has risen to become the second largest 3PL partner for Jumia Food in Abuja. They offer on-demand dispatch and logistics services to various clients all over the country. They also offer warehousing, haulage and cold chain delivery services for E-commerce and small businesses.

In the midst of the pandemic, they have channeled their efforts into providing logistics services for frontline workers through their recent partnership with Medbury Medicals. She prides herself in their ability to exceed customer expectations and continuously deliver not just packages, but excellent service and customer satisfaction.

She tells us all about it in an interview with Shecluded. From our brief interaction with her it is immediately evident that she is everything she says she is-efficient, quick and intellectually sound. She reflects all the values held by her company, and the passion she has for the work she does is unmistakable. With a woman like her at the helm, it is no wonder that Messenger Ng runs like a well oiled machine. 


So, what made you decide to go into Logistics? 

I think I honestly found my passion in Logistics. I have always had a lot of ideas, and after working across different sectors as a pharmacist, I found logistics. Connecting the dots has been an interesting journey.

And what is it like being a woman in the logistics industry? Does the fact that you are a woman make it more difficult in any way? 

Being a woman in logistics has been more of an advantage for me than a hindrance. I have been able to exceed expectations at every point, proving it is more about intellect than gender. I have been able to establish relationships to build and grow business lines within the logistics space.

Love that. So, How did Messenger Ng Come to be? Did you have a particular experience that gave you the idea to start it?

I had just completed my Masters program in Supply Chain and Logistics when my brother came to me with an idea in January 2018. He wanted us to start an errand service, and it was such great timing. It was just days to my graduation and I was really excited about the thought of practicing all that I had learnt and seeing how the theory would apply to the Nigerian context. We launched in February 2018, just in time to pick up the slack for established delivery businesses during Valentines. It was perfect timing.

Inside Messenger Ng

Did you face any challenges while starting the company? 

The challenges are continuous honestly, with each stage of growth or expansion. Capital has always been a major constraint, and as the demand for the logistics service grows there is a need for equipment and personnel to fulfil customer demands and meet service level requirements.

How did the pandemic affect your business? 

We experienced 4x growth during the pandemic. Our orders increased exponentially during the lockdown restrictions in the country, and we were kept very busy with customer orders and errands during that time. We partnered with Thrive Agric in Abuja for fresh produce/livestock deliveries, and this actually motivated our last mile cold chain expansion this year for temperature sensitive items. We have now also partnered with Gricd coupling Frij boxes to our motorcycles. Recently, we entered a partnership with Medbury Medicals to move COVID samples across their facilities in Lagos. We also educated other start up delivery business enthusiasts through short courses on Logistics.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far?

I am proud of a number of things in my short career in Logistics. My time as General Manager at Zippy Logistics is one of the humbling moments, because I was in charge of the modern trade supply chain for the most popular household brands in Nigeria. My current strides with Messenger are also very encouraging. We are the second largest 3PL partner for Jumia Food in Abuja. I am also confident that we can crack the last mile cold chain in Nigeria.

What do you enjoy most about running your own logistics company?

I enjoy being able to exceed customer expectations. It is difficult to pull off but the times I do are the best times for me.

Do you have any plans for expansion? If you do, how are you working towards them?

Oh yes! Our customers are majorly B2B and to properly serve B2C space we would need to make use of technology. We would also need to increase our fleet size across Lagos and Abuja to meet the teeming demand. We moved into the Lagos market in July this year. Right now, we are at two dozen motorcycles and we would need to grow our fleet and staff strength to scale.

Any tips for people looking to start their own logistics companies?

Persistence. It can be a hard lonely journey but you need a great team, support system and belief in your ideas to stay the course.

To find out more about Messenger Ng

Telephone: 09011254154-Lagos, 08074949847-Abuja