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The world is at our feet. We are young and beautiful, vibrant and brimming with boundless, untapped potential. We are at an age where anything is still  possible, an age where we get to decide who and what we want to be, and how we will get there.  Yes, this is the time to have fun, drive the boat and live our BEST lives. But it is also a time to focus on becoming. Becoming the best versions of ourselves, becoming more. More than what society has told us we must be, more than the constant expectations that weigh us down and tell us who we should be.

It is a time to grow and change, to shed our old selves and step into beautiful new skin that fits us better. Here are six things I think we all need to know before we are ready to face the world and all she has to offer.

The first and most important, is FINDING YOUR PURPOSE.  What is your purpose? What is it that you are on this earth to do? To become anything, you must first know what it is. Learning what you are meant to do with your life takes time and is often difficult, but it is worth it. Find yourself. Get acquainted with her and fall in love with her. You are a world within a world, and there is so much of you to explore. Discover what makes you tick and what you are most happy doing. That is the first step to figuring out the rest.

MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR TWENTIES. Your twenties will be some of the best years of your life, so use them wisely. Build connections with all kinds of people and learn from them. Work smart, but at the same time never underestimate the value of hard work. Have fun, but have limits as well. Go to new places and try new things, learn skills that will be useful to you and develop your talents. Set standards for yourself and decide that there are just some things you refuse to compromise on. It is important to stay focused on your goals. Always prioritize your well being and learn to choose what you know is best for you and your growth.

FIND SISTERHOOD. It is so important to surround yourself with girlfriends that support you and contribute to your growth. Make an effort to cultivate meaningful friendships with women. Don’t let the world deceive you into thinking that women are each others worst enemies, or that all female friendships are fake and only bring drama. On the contrary, some of the greatest, most loving friends you will ever have are women. So find yourself some, and never let them go.

LEARN ABOUT MONEY. Money will always be a big part of your life, and people may have told you that it is not a woman’s business to worry about finances, but it is important to keep an eye on your money and learn how to makegrow and spend it. Learn the mundane  things you would rather not bother with,  like how to buy stocks and real estate. Invest in a fence (both literally and metaphorically) and own property in your name. Remember that financial independence is important, whether you have a prince charming to take care of you or not. 

GAIN MENTORSHIP FROM THE WOMEN THAT CAME BEFORE YOU. You might not want to hear what they have to say because of how they say it, but the truth is that they have already been where we are right now, and have seen all the things we are yet to see.  The advice they have to give is valuable, so glean as much from them as you can.

Finally, FORGIVE YOURSELF OFTEN. You will make mistakes, and sometimes fail to meet the expectations that people have set for you-and even those that you have set for yourself. Remember that it is okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Remember that, and be kind to yourself. 

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